The Perfect Relaxation Experience

Pocket Paradise is more than a soundscape generator.  Create a truly unique and dynamic soundscape to enhance the ambience of any room while the scene magically changes before your eyes. Experience sunset in Hawaii, a soft tropical rainstorm, or a moonlit beach fire – all in a beautiful environment. Set the rate for the passage of time, control the wind with your fingers, add rainbows, sailboats, clouds, music and marine life as desired. Once you select your sound and visual preferences no two moments will be the same. Save your favorite creations or choose from a list of presets to create a world you can carry with you and visit anytime.

Pocket Paradise - Ultimate Soundscape Generator

For the best experience, plug it into speakers or headphones.

Create your perfect soundcape by adding elements like:
  • lapping water
  • gentle waves
  • heavy surf
  • full wind control (swipe for gusts)
  • light rain
  • heavy rain
  • distant thunder
  • lightning
  • sea birds
  • whales
  • crickets
  • burning campfire
  • rainbow
  • sailboats

Control every aspect of your scene.

Control the passage of time and experience your world in real-time or in accelerated time as you watch the moon speed across the night sky.

Choose from a soothing collection of original music to create just the right setting.

Save your favorite creations, or load presets like Hawaiian Sunset, Perfect Day, Rainbow Jungle and the Still of Night.

Press the shuffle button to randomly explore infinite sensory combinations

Built-in sleep timer allows you to gently drift off to sleep.

Completely dynamic audio experience.

Perfect for sleeping, reading, and relaxing.

Pocket Paradise - Ultimate Soundscape Generator Product: Pocket Paradise - Ultimate Soundscape Generator
Developer: Bluebird Software
Category: Lifestyle
Version: 1.0
Size: 19.5 MB
Price: $.99
Available: iTunes
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